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The 5-easy-steps for migrating to Decision Focus


Easy 5-Step Implementation

Get up and running in as little as 4 weeks. Here is what you can expect during your onboarding process. We’re with you every step of the transition to Decision Focus.

Step 1
Day 0
Client Success

Upon signing up for Decision Focus, our client success team reaches out with a welcome email in the first week and schedules a kick-off call with your team. During the kick-off call, we discuss your environment and outline the implementation process.

Step 2
Day 1-5
Build the Base

Your Customer Success Lead provides your team with a tailored implementation plan based on your environment and needs. An outline of items required for your data implementation will be provided and the following steps completed:

  • Client provides relevant documents
  • Determine customisations
  • Determine structure of the environment
  • Designate user roles and permissions
  • Schedule pre-implementation call
Step 3

Once the data provided has been reviewed and finalised for upload, our implementation Specialists will migrate the Risk and Controls data into your instance along with all related process documents. Test templates can also be setup during this stage. Users can complete the following steps:

  • Determine go-live date
  • Provide list of user names and roles
  • Schedule date for the initial training session
Step 4

Upon completion of setup and implementation, your team is now ready for onboarding. User access is granted and the DFN Customer Success Lead will provide an on-site or off-site onboarding, depending on your needs, and stays with you for any follow up sessions.

Step 5
Ongoing Support

At the end of onboarding, your Client Success Lead will schedule regular check-ins to ensure your success. Going forward, your team can reach out to your Customer Success Lead via email and phone for questions or guidance on best practices.


The way we do it

You always get your own fixed team at Decision Focus. Always talking to the same experts, that know your business and your setup. You will have direct access to a domain expert in GRC, a customer success lead, and a developer when needed for integrations or similar.

No red tape, no 3rd parties involved. Immediate support from the team that develop the Decision Focus platform.

Fixed team from Decision Focus

Meeting cadence between Decision Focus support and Client Product Owner

Self Reliance

Changes done with pure configuration; no developers involved.

Direct access for clients, to change anything in the system – same access as our expert consultants have. You can read the logs, decide to upgrade production, update staging with fresh production data and directly track who did configuration changes, and when.

You are in full control, no limitations.

Decision Focus is second to none in speed of delivery. Change your organizational hierarchies, add a new role, delete or add fields, build new reports and dashboards, change drop down values, change workflow logic – or add new notifications. Everything is done in configuration. Not code.

You will deliver changes faster than you ever thought possible.

Speed +
< 24 hours

Average change delivered in production. 63% in less than 1 day.

NPS +53

Maintained over 24 months of ongoing change

Decision Focus utilizes leading technologies to let you interact with and track user behavior. Built-in chat platform for your team, user session replay, analyze usage of reports and measure your NPS as you deploy new changes.

We are obsessed with user satisfaction and will involve you in new platform developments to drive new advances in simplicity and engaging your end users.

Project Risk Evaluation

Low risk implementation
Build Icon Build on proven success

Build on existing success. Users give us highest usability grade of the industry and a Net Promoter Score at +53 across 70K+ users worldwide.

Fast Prototyping. During implementation, we run stand-up meetings online with clients twice a week.

Use our proven GRC templates out-of-the box, or adapt them to your enterprise.

Skills Skills are in place and ready

Experienced GRC resources available in Decision Focus, with extensive industry experience.

Decision Focus has in-depth knowledge of  GRC and software support with over 15 years of implementations.

Decision Focus has deep IBM Cloud talent in our development team.

Employee Employee Productivity

Built-in End User support with chat and online help. Follow Success Metrics for your adoption rate - check logins and edits directly in the tool.

No tech resources needed from client. The platform is hosted, managed and upgraded by Decision Focus. 

All you do is focus on your process, data and reports with a zero-hassle solution.

Smart Sourcing
from Decision Focus

Implementation Method
  • Top Down (Management Overviews & Pain Points)
  • Process (Scalability & Maturity Model)
  • Roles Based
Open solution
Decision Focus “Open Solution Templates”
  • Full GRC Process Library continuously extended
  • Generic Information Architecture
  • Faster to extend
  • Cost effective to maintain
Implementation Method
  • Road Map input
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Proactive Optimization
  • New process design workshops
  • Report Design

What’s your next move?

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Here at Decision Focus, we deliver a GRC solution that’s customised to your needs - all in one platform.

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