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Enterprise Compliance Engine

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AI-Powered GRC Software

Ever innovative, Decision Focus harnesses AI to develop agile, flexible, user-centric GRC software​

A No-Code Solution

At Decision Focus, our no-code solution allows users to adapt and modify fields and functionality within the application whilst hiding what happens behind the scenes, making our platform easily configurable to meet your exact needs.

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At Decision Focus we deliver a GRC solutions customised to your needs - all in one SaaS platform.

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Ever innovative, Decision Focus harnesses AI to develop agile, flexible, user-centric GRC software.

We are here to drive greater efficiencies, resilience and agility for our customers: automating processes, providing deeper business intelligence to drive better decision making.

AI-informed, our single platform addresses GRC pain points and eases the complexity of adhering to continually changing landscapes, whether regulatory or internal changes within your business.

With the Decision Focus AI-powered GRC framework as your bedrock, you can proactively mitigate risks, streamline workflow automation and create a central source of truth for controls for complete integrated assurance.


Module-ready, your Platform AI toolkit
Our AI-toolkit contains a range of AI-building blocks that can be deployed throughout our platform, improving the precision and capability of 20+ risk compliance and audit management modules.
This building block approach to AI enables you to enhance risk identification and management, integrate regulatory change management with compliance management and streamline workflow automation throughout the platform, whatever the stage of your GRC journey.
Capabilities include:

Risk / Controls Analyser:

analyses existing information within your platform and identifies and suggests missing risks and controls.


Document Training and Querying:

allows you to upload a document for querying - particularly useful for extracting information from specific regulations or other relevant content.


Document Summariser:

for more efficient information review, simply upload a document and AI will generate a summary of it.


Auto-Title Generation:

your AI ‘editor’ will generate concise titles based on longer text.


Role Context Sensitive Chat:

your inhouse bot - based on the user’s role, Chat GPT is used to provide context-specific responses to general questions.


Field AI-Assistant:

lean on the ‘Assistant’ to determine the text tone, adding in formalisation, formatting and translation to suit.


Link Finder:

takes new risks you have identified and analyses how they could be related to others in your risk library, detailing connected risks and their relationships.


Login Page Customisation:

dynamically generates unique background images for a personalised user login experience.


Real-time PII Scanner:

the ability to scan documents to ensure no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are found.

Enterprise Compliance Engine

Decision Focus Enterprise Compliance Engine (ECE) is an AI-driven solution that simplifies complex global regulatory obligations and significantly enhances compliance controls.

Developed in partnership with market-leading RegTech provider, CUBE, it saves Compliance teams the tedium of manual data analysis that can be so prone to human error, by scanning the complex global regulatory landscape and ensuring critical obligations are met. AI intelligence reduces the likelihood of regulatory penalties and keeps your corporate reputation intact.


Mitigating the risk of non-compliance

ECE is unique in linking critical regulatory requirements to every level of your compliance framework. Link regulatory obligations straight to controls or link to multiple levels - board policies, mandates, business standards, procedural requirements and controls – to suit.

You can lean on AI to notify users of regulatory change and for horizon scanning for imminent new regulations. Rather than ‘playing catching up’ this helps you to proactively manage your compliance strategy and deal with regulatory change in realtime, making the risk of non-compliance a thing of the past.



With ECE you can:

Use AI to identify critical obligations that apply to your business and its risk profile and focus your compliance resources on these key obligations. This frees up your compliance team to focus time on higher priority regulations.

Manage compliance: develop explicit compliance strategies for relevant regulations, measure performance against them, initiate and track remedial action where performance is deficient.

Use AI to track and manage change: AI automatically notifies users of changes in regulation and analyses the nature of that change in detail. This drives robust regulatory change management programmes.

Use AI for horizon scanning: conduct horizon scanning for up-andcoming regulations for a proactive approach to compliance, managing compliance needs today and in the future.

Maximise global scope: these AI capabilities can be applied to regulation in every jurisdiction in every country including 60 languages, 180 countries, over 700 jurisdictions and over 5,000 issuing bodies.


Risk Analyser – core to ERM

Decision Focus Risk Analyser is an AI-enabled feature within our ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) module, designed to help risk teams solve the problem of creating an accurate enterprise risk profile.

AI is harnessed to identify relevant risks which have not been recognised within the risk register. These are ranked according to confidence level and users can choose which risks should be automatically added. This AI feature streamlines the tedious preparation work required for a creating a risk profile and enhances the quality of the profile created.

Since creating a robust risk profile that reflects your organisation’s culture is complex, human intervention determines whether to act on the AI suggestions. Keeping a human in the loop balances the efficiencies of AI with learned experience and judgement.


Partners and Co-Creation

Decision Focus is proud to partner with market-leading AI providers including:

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There’s nothing our GRC experts love more than co-creating bespoke AI solutions for our clients. We’ve walked in your shoes, understand the nuances of every GRC pain point and importantly, know how to drive the best from today’s technology.

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