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AI-Powered GRC Software

Ever innovative, Decision Focus harnesses AI to develop agile, flexible, user-centric GRC software​

A No-Code Solution

At Decision Focus, our no-code solution allows users to adapt and modify fields and functionality within the application whilst hiding what happens behind the scenes, making our platform easily configurable to meet your exact needs.

Want to Know more?

At Decision Focus we deliver a GRC solutions customised to your needs - all in one SaaS platform.

Our support team is ready to help your organisation get started with Decision Focus.

Our vision for reporting

A completely new approach to reporting.

Reports should be zero-touch once defined. They just work, and are ready to present to the board or committee directly. You can share them with a 'live link' or you can export to a pdf and send it.

You can even 'click to edit' directly. No more "dead data" in Powerpoint, PDF or Sharepoint. Even reduce or remove reliance on BI tools. 


01 - Dashboards

Unleash your creative mindset as a Workspace Designer. Deliver trends, metrics, tables in one combined dashboard for your team.

Path 6282

Download any dashboard as PDF

Path 6282

Metric-driven monitoring of QA results

Path 6282

Organizational heat maps

Path 6282

Drill through capability from dashboards

Use Case: Detailed overviews, with clickthrough capability, by role and function. Also used for record-based data, such as by country, by business Unit and similar.

A wide range of widgets to build your dashboard

Multiple widgets to choose from, all based on the HighChart library


02 - Custom Reports

Powerful, completely customizable reports, developed with JavaScript

Fully customizable layout, charts and functionality

Click-though to see underlying data

Instant updates when data is updated

Save to PDF and re-use of access control

Use Case: Compliance Report, Quarterly Risk Committee Report for Chief Risk Officer, Audit Reports – replacing all manually created reports with live reports in the system.

<> Committee Ready Reporting



  • Very manual and time consuming process
  • Typically it took 20+ days to compile the report
  • Error prone (manual, cut & paste)
  • Manual efforts eliminated
  • Report creation in 30 seconds
  • Less errors = better quality for the Board
<> Custom Template Reporting



  • Client was beholden to the supplier for changes
  • Only report is pre-formatted templates
  • Costly and time consuming to add new reports
  • Use own Excel Templates
  • Complete flexibility in report generation
  • Self-service (no need for help from us)

Custom Reports Sample: Investment One-pager

Custom Design important reports - down to the last pixel! 

Path 6282
Report for Project Investment Evaluation
Path 6282
Showing custom workflow as well as KPI’s from the workflow in form of metrics to time spent for approval
Path 6282
Used as one-pager, for management approval before processing funding

Use Javascript to design and map one to one with your Corporate Visual Identity.


03 - Template Based Excel Reports

Path 6282 (1)
Export your data from multiple forms into one excel, separated on different sheets
Path 6282
Use a main sheet to reference data across sheets to combine any needed data
Path 6282
As Excel runs on your computer, any macros, expressions and code can be included.
Path 6282
Mostly used when native Dashboards are not sufficient, and custom reports not yet developed

Use Case: For detailed reporting demands with and demands that cannot be met by the platform, typically for smaller groups of users. No drill down or auto-update.


04 - Menu Display Options for simple reporting

A filterable data set, with board, table, pivot, donut or node diagram for single form data.

Path 6282
The workspace designer has several data display options that can be enabled for the end users for different visualizations of data.
Path 6282
Such display options, always work based on the same view, and therefore data set from one form only
Path 6282
All the display options can be filtered by end user
Path 6282
End users can do personalized, simpler reports such as Pivot tables, standard tables or similar, but not combine data sets like Dashboards

Use Case: End user custom report on simple data sets


05 - Publisher Engine

Publish all policies and standards company wide with access to all your key documents. Subscribe and be notified of new versions, with instant updates of any content.

Publisher fits in with approval workflow – as strict as you want it, with the ability to link your publications with risks, controls and other data kept in Decision Focus for reference and follow-up.

Typical information shared with Publisher:

  • Application Development and Management
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Business Architecture Standards and Guidelines
  • Data, Information Warehouse and Delivery
  • Employee Survey Review
  • Global IT Communications Standard
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Security and Continuity Standards

Use Case :  Publish Company Policies, Standards and Guidelines. Analysis tools for frequency of ‘read activity’ to monitor relevance

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Zero-Touch Reporting with Decision Focus

Powerful, completely customizable reports, developed with JavaScript

Reduce islands of information

Gather data in one simple tool, flexible enough to cater for may reporting needs

Full audit trail on report changes

Eliminate the need for external reporting tools. Reports generated in-app is based directly on record data with a full revision log for changes

Built in Report Generation

Auto-generate reports for C-level and GRC teams. No word, excel or PowerPoint needed

Build beautiful dashboards

Customized dashboards and reporting, based on Highchart libraries

Any questions?

The Decision Focus team are here to answer your questions.