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Enterprise Compliance Engine

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A No-Code Solution

At Decision Focus, our no-code solution allows users to adapt and modify fields and functionality within the application whilst hiding what happens behind the scenes, making our platform easily configurable to meet your exact needs.

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At Decision Focus we deliver a GRC solutions customised to your needs - all in one SaaS platform.

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Redefining compliance, making it truly seamless

Compliance is complicated. Being confident you have identified the critical regulatory obligations and then demonstrating compliance against them across the business is far from easy. Then there is the time-consuming job of monitoring regulatory change and managing the impact of those changes. Without an effective strategy in place, you face the threat of non-compliance, regulatory fines and reputational damage. With Decision Focus Enterprise Compliance Engine (ECE), you can proactively manage your compliance strategy and deal with regulatory change in real-time. Use one single integrated cloud solution to:

Identify drivers

Use AI to identify relevant regulations and focus on critical compliance drivers

Manage compliance

Develop explicit compliance strategies for these drivers, measure performance and track action, policies, standards, controls and effectiveness measures

Monitor and manage change

Use AI to track regulatory change and manage that change

AI for a proactive approach to compliance

The Decision Focus Enterprise Compliance Engine leverages the CUBE Automated Regulatory Intelligence platform. This digitises and enriches the world’s regulatory content using AI.

AI-Enabled Regulatory Intelligence

Use AI-enabled regulatory intelligence capability that covers every jurisdiction in every country including 60 languages, 180 countries, over 700 jurisdictions and over 5,000 issuing bodies.

Monitor Relevant

Select to monitor relevant regulations that apply to your business and its risk profile. Use AI to focus your compliance resources on the key obligations.


Conduct horizon scanning for up-and-coming regulations for a proactive approach to compliance, managing your compliance needs today and planning for the future.

Compliance Strategy and Performance

Get performance evaluation in real-time to share with your executive team. Show performance scores at every level - of your governance framework and in relation to your operational processes. At every level, the ECE produces a compliance performance score, providing either positive assurance that all is well, or revealing deficiencies and enabling corrective action.

Stay on top of regulatory change management

Regulatory thinking is constantly evolving and the obligations you face never stand still. Hundreds of regulatory changes happening on a daily basis from over a thousand regulators world-wide.

AI tracks these changes for you and alerts you to those applicable to your business. If you know about it, you can deal with it.


Easy & Automated Impact Assessments

For any given change, the ECE will instantly inform you of all its potential impacts upon your governance framework of Polices and Standards, and upon your operational process and controls.

The ECE assists you to define the change tasks you need to complete to the address the change and maintain compliance.


Instant Progress Visibility

The ECE organises these tasks as a regulatory change project, bringing clarity to responsibilities and time lines. You get a real time, graphical view of progress which highlights the pinch points where management intervention is needed.

  • The ECE even incorporates in-built messaging service for compliance officers to communicate directly with task owners via the tool regarding progress. No more confusing email trails.

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One single integrated repository

Use our single sign-on solution as a “single source of truth” and a clear holistic view of data for first, second and third line of defence. Use one single integrated repository for controlled data sharing.

Use one platform to identify regulatory changes, assess the impact of those changes on your compliance framework and manage the change going forward.

Benefit from a modern, intuitive, easy-to-use interface for map visualisation (node diagrams), real-time performance scores, action initiation tracking, targeted notifications and workflow logic to optimise stakeholder engagement and streamline decisioning.

The flexibility to link to any compliance framework

Recognising that no two companies have the same compliance framework: our solution allows you to forge the right “connected pathway” for you and adapt as you grow.

Create a complete “top-down”/ “bottom-up” compliance framework. Link your regulatory requirements to critical decision points including board policies, mandates, business standards, procedural requirements, and operational controls. Provide real-time performance evaluation at all levels of governance and operations.

Alternatively, pick a more direct pathway to adapt to your specific framework. Choose different “pathways” to link from regulatory requirements straight to your operational controls, adapting to your specific framework.


A solution that works “smarter”

A solution that helps your compliance team work “smarter”.

Use AI to remove the tedious manual task of regulatory change management and focus only on the regulatory drivers that are critical to your business.

Generate real-time performance scores for your executive team. Monitor performance at all levels of your compliance framework including governance and operational to cover strategic and tactical.

Use automation to generate customised branded committee reports for your Board within seconds. Benefit from action initiation tracking, targeted notifications and workflow logic for improved productivity and performance for your compliance team and organisation as a whole.

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