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AI-Powered GRC Software

Ever innovative, Decision Focus harnesses AI to develop agile, flexible, user-centric GRC software​

A No-Code Solution

At Decision Focus, our no-code solution allows users to adapt and modify fields and functionality within the application whilst hiding what happens behind the scenes, making our platform easily configurable to meet your exact needs.

Want to Know more?

At Decision Focus we deliver a GRC solutions customised to your needs - all in one SaaS platform.

Our support team is ready to help your organisation get started with Decision Focus.

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Seamless audit planning

Have your entire audit universe and planning tools at your fingertips, to make sure you target the according to your risk framework

Fieldwork all in one place

Manage all of your workpapers, samples, reviews, findings and actions in one space which interacts seamlessly with your risks and controls

Environmental and Social Governance

Conduct ESG audits with the confidence you need to bring your organisation into line

Our Clients

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Audit Planning

Audit Planning

Capture your entire audit universe in one platform, including last review dates and risk ratings

Prioritise business areas, segments and locations for targeted audit focus


Audit Execution

Audit Execution

Carry out your fieldwork for each control or test point within Decision Focus – no more searching around for documents

Track individual audits and the overall audit programme at a glance with foolproof tables, boards and dashboards

Link related risks and controls to an audit and/or to controls testing for fully integrated assurance


Role-Based Access

Role-Based Access

Customise how the various roles can interact with the data in Decision Focus, from specific audit records down to individual fields

Create a tailored workflow to manage the review process within the team, and keep on top of the status of each audit


Findings and Actions

  • Manage overall audit scores and individual findings within Decision Focus, with ability to manage all findings in one repository
  • Assign and track actions with due dates, and monitor all actions, including those raised from other functions, across customised dashboards

02 - Custom Reports

Powerful, completely customizable reports, developed with JavaScript

Fully customizable layout, charts and functionality

Click-through to see underlying data

Instant updates when data is updated

Save to PDF and re-use of access control

Use Case: Compliance Report, Quarterly Risk Committee Report for Chief Risk Officer, Audit Reports – replacing all manually created reports with live reports in the system.

Committee Ready Reporting



  • Very manual and time consuming process
  • Typically it took 20+ days to compile the report
  • Error prone (manual, cut & paste)
  • Manual efforts eliminated
  • Report creation in 30 seconds
  • Less errors = better quality for the Board

Custom Template Reporting



  • Client was beholden to the supplier for changes
  • Only report is pre-formatted templates
  • Costly and time consuming to add new reports
  • Use own Excel Templates
  • Complete flexibility in report generation
  • Self-service (no need for help from us)

Audit Management Software FAQs

What is audit management?

Audit management refers to the process of planning, organising, executing, and tracking audits within an organisation. It involves establishing the audit universe, determining scope, assigning resources, conducting fieldwork, analysing findings, and implementing corrective actions. Audit management aims to ensure that audits are conducted efficiently, effectively, and in accordance with relevant standards, regulations, and organisational policies.

What is audit management software?

Audit management software is a specialised tool designed to streamline and automate various aspects of the audit management process. It assists organisations in planning audits, managing audit workflows, documenting audit findings, tracking issues, and generating comprehensive reports. Audit management software provides a centralised platform for collaboration, communication, and documentation, facilitating efficient and effective audit management.

No red tape, no 3rd parties involved. Immediate support from the team that develop the Decision Focus platform.

What are the key features of audit management software?

Key features of audit management software may include:

  • Audit planning and scheduling: Facilitates the creation of audit plans, schedules, and checklists, ensuring proper allocation of resources and defining audit objectives.
  • Workflow automation: Automates various aspects of the audit process, such as task assignment, notifications, and reminders, improving efficiency and reducing manual effort.
  • Document management: Provides a centralised repository for storing and organising audit-related documents, including workpapers, evidence, and audit reports.
  • Issue tracking and remediation: Helps track audit findings, recommendations, and action plans, ensuring timely resolution and monitoring of corrective actions.
  • Collaboration and communication: Enables seamless collaboration between audit teams, stakeholders, and auditees through discussion forums, threaded comments, and shared document access.
  • Reporting and analytics: Generates comprehensive reports and dashboards, offering insights into audit progress, findings, trends, and compliance status.
  • Integration with other systems: Allows integration with other tools/systems, such as document management systems, risk management software, or ERP systems, for seamless data sharing and process integration.
  • Compliance with standards: Supports adherence to audit standards and frameworks, such as ISO 19011, ensuring compliance with best practices in audit management.

How can audit management software benefit my organisation?

Audit management software offers several benefits to organisations, including:

  • Efficient audit planning and execution: Streamlines the audit process, reduces administrative burden, and improves the efficiency of audit planning, execution, and reporting.
  • Improved collaboration and communication: Facilitates better communication and collaboration among audit teams, stakeholders, and auditees, leading to more effective audits and timely resolution of issues.
  • Enhanced compliance: Helps organisations ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, internal policies, and industry-specific standards through standardised audit processes and documentation practices.
  • Increased accuracy and data integrity: Reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies by providing structured data collection, automated calculations, and validation checks.
  • Real-time visibility: Provides real-time monitoring and tracking of audit progress, allowing organisations to have better visibility into audit activities, status, and findings.
  • Streamlined reporting: Simplifies the generation of comprehensive reports and dashboards, enabling stakeholders to assess the effectiveness of audit programs, identify trends, and make informed decisions.
  • Cost and time savings: Reduces the time and effort spent on manual audit management tasks, allowing auditors to focus more on value-added activities. It also minimises the risk of duplicated efforts and reduces the overall cost of the audit process.

What industries can benefit from audit management software?

Audit management software can benefit organisations across various industries. Industries that are subject to regulatory requirements, quality standards, or compliance obligations can particularly benefit from utilising audit management software. Examples include finance and banking, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, construction, information technology, government, and any industry where audits are conducted to ensure operational efficiency, risk management, and compliance. However, any organisation that conducts internal or external audits to assess and improve its processes and controls can benefit from implementing audit management software.

Any questions?

The Decision Focus team are here to answer your questions.