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a No-Code Solution

At Decision Focus, our no-code solution allows users to adapt and modify fields and functionality within the application whilst hiding what happens behind the scenes, making our platform easily configurable to meet your exact needs.

Latest Case Study

Formula One: Feedback management solution​ improves car reliability during Formula 1 World​ Championship​

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At Decision Focus we deliver a GRC solutions customised to your needs - all in one SaaS platform.

Our support team is ready to help your organisation get started with Decision Focus.

Resources for the GRC professional

Product Sheet

Risk Management

Decision Focus is designed to improve the quality of risk thinking in your company. It brings together all information relevant to risk and control in one place, providing a single source of truth.

Product Sheet

Audit Management

Decision Focus stores all auditing data in one repository, which is easily accessible for those engaged in the auditing process when and where they want. 

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Compliance Management

Decision Focus offers a dynamic compliance solution that reduces uncertainty and raises confidence. It addresses all aspects of regulatory compliance frameworks.

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Business Continuity Planning

Decision Focus raises the quality of thinking behind your Business Continuity Plans, so you can have greater confidence they will work.

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Synchronised Governance. As it should be.

All three lines of defense are stakeholders in a firm’s governance framework.

Their contributions must be orchestrated to provide a consistent and reliable information flow into the firm’s Governing body.


Better software for GRC - what's your next move?

The impact of regulatory and legal obligations are increasing. Managing GRC will take up more time and resources - hence more costs.


Novel Solutions for the Lloyd’s Market

Over the past 18 months we have launched some novel solutions for Managing Agents and to date 6 have selected our platform to meet their GRC needs. Take a look at what we can deliver for you.


Application Management at Global Drinks Company

Decision Focus supporting Application Portfolio Management  will play a key part in reducing the cost of running the application estate by 20%


Astellas - Implementing Global Policies & Standards

Decision Focus delivers enterprise SaaS solutions for managing risk, assess controls, and optimize all aspects of audit.


BMS Group - Improving The Enterprise Risk Culture

BMS Group enhances risk culture and improves the risk  management process across its global

footprint with Decision Focus


Formula 1 - Race Track Feedback and Governance

Formula One: Feedback management solution

improves car reliability during Formula 1 World



Ardonagh - An integrated approach to risk and compliance

Ardonagh ensures a consistent approach to to risk and compliance management with Decision Focus.

Product Sheet

Build your Business Case for GRC software

Decision Focus solves a major problem - bringing Governance, Risk and Compliance together.


A Step Forward in Regulatory Reporting

This a key touchpoint with your regulator. It’s a great opportunity A) to gain their confidence, or B) to lose it. See how our solutions can help ensure it’s ‘A’ for your organisation.


GRC Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Europe’s Solvency II and its international equivalents have raised the risk and compliance bar high in the insurance sector. We have built novel and powerful capabilities into the Decision Focus toolset to tackle the real pressure points. See how we can help you stay on top…..


Compliance Solutions for the Lloyd's Market

The compliance challenges in closely regulated sectors is ever growing. See how our solutions for the Lloyd's market can help you to succeed

Case Study

SecureDevice - IT Security case study

Integrating Decision Focus with IBM's Q-Radar provides an IT Security Portal that has eliminated 1,700+ hours of work for SecureDevice

Case Study

Xellia - Contract Management case study

The solution builds on the Decision Focus Platform, allowing Xellia employees to preview and request access to contracts globally. The solution will reduce considerable time for managing contracts and potentially save up to 25% on software and hosting.

Case Study

Building a Good Risk Culture a CRO's perspective

Firstly, what do we hope to gain from the right culture?

In my view we hope to improve the quality of risk thinking in the organisation, as that will lead to better decision making, and all the positives that follow.


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