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Are your investments paying off?

Use Decision Focus to get an overview of your organisation’s short- and long-term investments. Easily harvest data from all corners of your organisation and share the results with relevant stakeholders.

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Slice and dice

What is your organisation doing to reach different goals, and are you succeeding? Select visualisations based on factors like geography, business units, headcount etc.

Go, no-go

Decision Focus makes progress transparent, helping you focus on the things that matter most – and make better decisions, faster.

Business Architecture tool

Use Decision Focus to analyse business data from many angles. Map your enterprise architecture or the competition to plan your next moves with advanced reporting, dashboards, metrics and trains.

All your product planning data in one place

Improve decision-making by combining all available data sources into a single source of truth.

Highlight the gaps

Are we getting better at realizing value?

Collaborative enterprise

Turn your business planning into a well-oiled machine by making technology and business work together.

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Configurability. Not complexity.

Decision Focus is based on years of management experience across a number of industries. Decision Focus is designed to be configurable to the needs and maturity level of your business – and to evolve with you over time.

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Radical user friendliness

Input and access points are configurable to the specific needs of different user roles.


Decision Focus is set up to present users with the options and information they need – and nothing more.

Built to measure

Based on an existing template, Decision Focus is tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

Request a demo

We’re over the moon that you’ve decided to contact us.

Please fill in the short form and we’ll be in touch.