Adapts to your organisation

Decision Focus adapts to the needs and maturity of your organisation, seamlessly integrating with other platforms and products.

Adapts to yur organisation
No more audit anxiety

Maintaining a complete overview over IT security protocols means you’re always ready for a GDPR audit, or similar.

Avoid non-compliance embarrassment

With Decision Focus, you can always trust your information assets, business applications and other digital sites to comply with internal policies and standards as well as external regulations.

Response tracking

Who’s responsible and how close are they to a resolution? Decision Focus lets you track remediation activities against issues identified during vulnerability scans.

Saves time and resources

New IT threats and vulnerabilities constantly emerge. Having a centralised process for identifying and tracking issues saves time and resources.

Overview and transparency

Bringing your patching processes out of the excel sheets and e-mails and into the open, Decision Focus improves transparency, making your IT security framework stronger.

Activate all data points
Activate all data points

A complete overview is achieved and maintained by having each team or each employee report and track issues.

Ready to report

Management can follow issues directly or have reports generated quickly.

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